:: the pizzas ::
• the hawaiian (her pick)
• the works (his pick)

:: the verdict ::
• too saucy & wasn't hot enough (he says)
• too saucy & not enough pineapples (she says)

[ he says ] one of my favorite pizzas growing up (straw hat comes close too)...i know there's tons of other great pizzerias nowadays but for me, chicago style deep dish is the way to go. anyone else know where i can get a good deep dish pizza in LA?

[ she says ] i don't know what's wrong with me. hawaiian pizza has never been a must have or a favorite
for me but some reason... i can't stop getting it nowadays. i've always been a fan of "everything on it" kinda girl but every time when we order pizza now, my request is "hawaiian please". however, my style has always been chicago style , deep dish, pan — whatever you wanna call it, just give me the really thick stuff.

:: the dishes ::
• green onion pancake
• pan fried pork dumplings
• green onion stir-fried lamb
• shanghainese short ribs
• beef tendon noodle soup
• shanghainese rice cake

:: the must haves ::
• green onion pancake
• beef tendon noodle soup
• shanghainese rice cake
• shanghainese short ribs

[ he says ] uhmm... will comment after my addiction to fallout 3

[ she says ] i love places like this since their nostalgic to me. growning up with grandparents living in the same house never allowed space to experimental "american" foods in my house and only chinese food was served. rice cakes have always been a favorite of mine especially when they are't made with tiny dried shrimps *gag*. beef noodle soups have always been a part of my childhood since my dad was a very very big fan of noodles and of beef noodle soup. oh, he also makes a mean green onion pancake and some really good dumplings. *yea dad*

do you see the lamb on the left? never been a fan until two years ago. eating lamb has always been a weird thing for me. since i was born in the year of the sheep, in my mind, it would be like eating myself. uhhh... no thanks. my no lamb eating days were broken two years ago when mr.bunnie and i were in shanghai for vacation and had lunch in this tucked away nepalese restaurant. after that, eating lamb hasn't been much a problem but i'm still not that big of a fan but i'll eat it. the ribs were tasty but a little overcooked and dry for my taste an way too many sesame seeds. good lord! still, with a tummy happily filled with all the other goodies.. mmm... rice cakes and beef noodle soup, this is definitely a place to have yummy and pretty cheap food. remember... they're cash only! enjoy!

:: the dishes ::
• Hokkaido Scallop Roll - Seared Scallop Sashimi wrapped with Panko Crisped Unagi, Snow Crab & Avocado
Da Crunch - Shrimp Tempura, Snow Crab, Avocado, Toasted Macadamia Nuts, Malaysian Curry Aioli
Sunrise at Haleakala - Tuna, Hamachi, Salmon, Avocado & Asparagus Tempura Roll, Togarashi Butter
Confit of Asian Spiced Smoked Muscovy Duck Leg Appetizer - Sweet Soy Braised, Mission Fig, Acai Mignonette
Japanese Pear, Baby Arugula & Chèvre - Salad With Candied Macadamia Nuts & Passion Fruit Vinaigrette
Tender Braised Hawaii Kai Beef Short Ribs -
Served with a Natural Braising Sauce
• Roy’s Classic Roasted Macadamia Nut Crusted Mahi Mahi - Lobster Butter Sauce
Roy’s Melting Hot Chocolate Soufflé Flourless Chocolate Cake - Molten Hot Center served à la Mode

:: the must haves ::
• molten lava chocolate cake (her pick)
• molten lava chocolate cake (his pick)

[ he says ] me and mrs. bunnie's first real fine dining meal back in the days. i still consider the roy's at newport beach the best in southern california. in my opinion, they have the best prixe fix menu for the buck. i still remember the first time we went. the atmosphere felt refined, the feeling of excitement and nervousness when i opened the door. everything was perfect. from the sweet, soft butter served with the warm bread, to the palate teasing ahi poketini, the sushi, and oh man, who can ever forget about the flourless molten lava cake that made roy's famous...but over the years me and mrs. bunnies appetite has changed. we ate better, we didn't mind paying more for better food, and we hungered more and more (ultimately leading, but not ending, at joel freakin' robuchons)...now, roys doesn't have the same magic as before...now, it's just a better than average restaurant with a good deal...*sigh* would i ever go back? *shrug* at least the dessert is good right?

[ she says ] roy's.... mmmm.... at least that is what used to come to mind. comparing my first experience and my last experience seem to be complete total opposites. engraved in my mind were the fresh buttery rolls served with sweet salted cream butter, the pungent wasabi aioli tobiko laced yellow fin poketini, and ever so rich lobster essence butter on their mac nut crusted fish. i say "fish" because of the few times i've been there, it has never been consistent — mahi mahi, red snapper, or "white fish" as the location in downtown la listed on their menu. my favorite would be when they create the dish with red snapper, so much flakier and sweeter.... oh so delicious.

the past two times we've gone to roy's, they have taken one of our favorite sushi rolls off the menu and it makes me sad just thinking about it. the roll was expensive but it was pure heaven in every bite and every chew. the new roll that we tried this time was the sunrise – good but not the same as the original roll. the fish was mahi mahi this time so mr. bunnie ended up getting it (its also not on their summer prie fix... BOOOOOOOOOOO...). needless to say none of the dishes were great enough to even list as a must have with the exception of the molten lava cake. but if that is the only thing that is worth going down there for, i'd rather just make it myself — it'll save me a whole lot of money, calories, and time.