:: the dishes ::
• to be listed

:: the must try dishes ::
• to be listed

[ he says ] ........ coming soon

[ she says ] ....... coming soon

:: the dishes ::
• sanbitter sunburst
• cantaloupe and beet agua fresca
• turkish doughnuts
• spicy tapioca pilaf
• dark fruits platter
• singapore kaya toast
• lebanese za'atar skewers

:: the 'barely' must try dishes ::
[his pick] dark fruit platter
• [her pick] turkish doughnuts

[ he says ] Gotta say. The concept of a restaurant serving street food around the globe was a great concept. unfortunately, I couldn't say the same about the execution. Just to give a quick rundown...since I'm not really inspired or excited to write about the experience but rather to forget it.

• sanbitter sunburst = refreshing and tart, a nice start.

• cantaloupe and beet agua fresca = I loved the mix of the cantaloupe and the beet puree. It was different and the flavor complemented each other quite well.

• turkish doughnuts = A good start. A nice balance of sweet and savory.

• spicy tapioca pilaf = A totally conv0luted mess.

• dark fruits platter = Apples, figs, dates with a mint honey sauce...simple, and no way to screw it up.

• singapore kaya toast = IMO the biggest dissapointment. Toast was not even toasted...the bread was stale, crumby, the kind of bread you leave on top of the fridge only to be forgotten. Save some money. Go get a nice loaf of bread, buy some Kaya spread at 99 Ranch, cook some eggs and drizzle some dark soy...because thats what basically it is...

• lebanese za'atar skewers
= They weren't too bad...but for the price, I would rather go to a mom & pop's lebanese take out restaurant instead.

[ she says ] Turkish doughnuts were tasty enough with a nice balance between salty and sweet. Dark fruit platter was nicely paired with mint honey but something we could have done at home. Tapioca pilaf is an absolute joke — is this dish for real? Kaya toast (which would have been the dish to love...) was served with stale bread. If you're gonna use stale bread, at least toast it so it's edible... I don't believe it was made correctly because I recently saw another picture of it with the bread toasted. Lebanese skewers not worth the $16 price tag.

I agree with S. IRENE VIRBILA from
LA Times... What's worse is we went in April. You'd think that after two months, the menu or quality would improve... guess not.

"...But all in one meal? I'm not convinced it works. At Street, the effect of each dish is blunted by its juxtaposition with other flavors and other cuisines. After a motley meal here, I end up feeling as if I have jet lag.

The dishes that don't work seem to stick out even more than they would in a more traditional meal. Main courses especially aren't riveting.

...Plated in a restaurant it seems to lose its immediacy and impact.

To read full LA TIMES review, Click here for STREET!

:: the fruit ::
• aomori apple

[ she says ] After witnessing the customer in front of us buy $150 worth of aomori apples, needless to say... the damn apple caught my interest. But for $4-5 per apple, is it really that worth it? I asked mr.bunnie is there is a cultural significance to the apple such as gifts for a one-year old's bday, for luck, or someone's pregnant...etc. He didn't think so but said that it's a popular apple in Japan — supposedly creme de la creme of the apples.

But what would possess ANYONE to buy $150 worth of apples? I left the store feeling unsatisfied — my curiousity eating at me. What is so different about it? The flavor? Texture? Fragrance? Crispness? How it's cultivated? hmmm...

So, about a week later, we went to Mitsuwa again, I bought one — $4.55.
I'm not too big of a fan for fuji apples so paying that price for something I might not like was hard. Even so, I feft the store excited and eager to experience culinary "fruit" ectasy. It's going to be like tasting a bite of heaven right? Or at least be goosebump raising no? How about good enough to release a tiny squeal of delight?

The result? An extremely sweet and fragrant apple with a slight softer texture. Loved the flavor but not the texture — slight mealy. Beautiful on the inside and out in appearance but was it worth? Not really... unless by chance I picked a bad apple. But for $4.55, there shouldn't have been ANY bad apples...

Have you had one?