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[ she says ] After witnessing the customer in front of us buy $150 worth of aomori apples, needless to say... the damn apple caught my interest. But for $4-5 per apple, is it really that worth it? I asked mr.bunnie is there is a cultural significance to the apple such as gifts for a one-year old's bday, for luck, or someone's pregnant...etc. He didn't think so but said that it's a popular apple in Japan — supposedly creme de la creme of the apples.

But what would possess ANYONE to buy $150 worth of apples? I left the store feeling unsatisfied — my curiousity eating at me. What is so different about it? The flavor? Texture? Fragrance? Crispness? How it's cultivated? hmmm...

So, about a week later, we went to Mitsuwa again, I bought one — $4.55.
I'm not too big of a fan for fuji apples so paying that price for something I might not like was hard. Even so, I feft the store excited and eager to experience culinary "fruit" ectasy. It's going to be like tasting a bite of heaven right? Or at least be goosebump raising no? How about good enough to release a tiny squeal of delight?

The result? An extremely sweet and fragrant apple with a slight softer texture. Loved the flavor but not the texture — slight mealy. Beautiful on the inside and out in appearance but was it worth? Not really... unless by chance I picked a bad apple. But for $4.55, there shouldn't have been ANY bad apples...

Have you had one?


  1. lena on August 11, 2009 at 3:12 PM

    i just came across this blog and am having a lot of fun so far!

    $4.55 a apple? holy shmokes...

  2. "Botany" Dave on July 3, 2010 at 9:31 AM

    Several years ago, I bought an apple (for, as you say, about $5) in the Kushiro farmer's market. It was, without any doubt whatsoever, the best fruit I have ever tasted in my life. -I am beginning to suspect it was an Aomori-type apple.
    The flesh was very sweet and crisp, it had a delightful smell, and I have trouble describing the exact flavour.
    -So, try another one.

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