:: the dishes ::
• chocolate raspberry danish - NEW*
• pain au chocolat
• cheese danish
• strawberry almond croissant
• quiche du jour (lorraine) - NEW*
• sourdough waffles with bananas and tahitian vanilla syrup

Surprised to find our usual beloved quiche florentine was not offered that day but replaced by it's equally delicious sister, quiche lorraine, we were, least to say, a little hesitant.

Yet, after our fist bite, all hesitation washed away. Just as flaky and buttery, ms. lorraine, swirled with perfectly salted and cured bacon pieces along with sweet tidbits of pungent onion, melted equally our mouths.

So not to worry, if you go and find your favorite quiche du jour unavailable, don't fret my pet — which ever sister quiche will be just as delicious!